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This is for new mini parts that we get in stock, keep your eye on this section of the website daily as we add to it almost everyday, its just one way minisport is trying to keep your mini looking its best!

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Rover mini and late moke twin stalk (wipers and lights) steering cowl - BHM7085


The plastic 2 piece casing for the steering wheel cowl was introduced in 1976 which was for the introduction of twin indicator stalks and a different steering lock. Twin point injection cars have different cowling and switches. 

Now remanufactured to a higher quality than original, with extra reinforcement around the screw platforms where the original part was known to fail.

($90.62 USD ) In stock

Mini flare kit suit ROUND NOSE/Cooper S,set of 4, original plastic - FLARE MORRIS

FLARE-S- Mini cooper S/roundnose flares, as fitted to Morris minis (genuine)


These flares suit Mk2 or late Mk1’s with metal backings for the flares, as fitted to all cooper ‘S’/round nose models.




($179.12 USD ) In stock

Paddy Hopkirk coffee mug - PH37.021

PH37.021- Paddy hopkirk coffee mug 

Paddy hopkirk coffee mug (33ENJB) 

($17.53 USD )


Paddy Hopkirk parker vector rollerball pen - PH34.020

PH34.020- Paddy hopkirk parker vector Rollerball pen 

Celebration Parker Vector Rollerball Pen to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Paddy Hopkirk's famous Monte-Carlo Rally Victory in 1964

The Vector is instantly recognisable and is a best selling, high quality rollerball.

Free presentation box with the Parker logo

($28.06 USD ) In stock

Mini Paddy Hopkirk Alloy gearknob - PH33.045

PH33.045- Mini Paddy Hopkirk gearknob

Paddy Hopkirk Alloy Gearknob.

($56.16 USD ) In stock

Mini rocker cover, Paddy Hopkirk alloy rocker cover etched *with cap* - PH33.055 + PH33.056

PH33.055 + PH33.056- Paddy Hopkirk Polished Alloy Rocker Cover - Etched with paddy hopkirk cap

Paddy Hopkirk Polished Alloy Rocker Cover - Etched with Paddy Hopkirk Polished Rocker Cover Cap.

($112.36 USD ) In stock

Mini clear laminated front windscreen - 24A2236

24A2236- Clear laminated windscreen for all minis

Clear laminated windscreen for all minis except Twin point injection cars 1996 on which had a special screen with built in interior mirror base. Insurance and extra freight will apply due to the delicate nature of this product.

($132.76 USD ) In stock

Mini 32mm Heater duct- as used on cooper S heaters (sold per meter) - HD32MM1MTR

HD32MM1MTR- Mini 32mm Heater duct- as used on cooper S heaters (sold per meter)

The heater ducting is constructed from a very high quality single ply neoprene coated glass fibre fabric with a visible bronze plated steel wire helix. This makes the ducting relatively light weight, but most of all it conforms to tight corners with ease whilst still maintaining its diameter.

($24.55 USD ) In stock

Mini side entry (7mm silicon) lead set of x5 - GHT102

GHT102- Mini side entry (7mm silicon) lead set 

This is a basic side entry (7mm) lead set to suit the 25D dissy cap.

($35.09 USD ) In stock
($70.21 USD ) In stock