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Mini Fan/Generator belt suit mini - 815


Belt to drive your waterpump/fan and GENERATOR, if running a Alternator please see 825 belt.

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Mini Fan/Alternator belt fit mini - 825


Belt to drive your waterpump/fan and alternator, if running a generator please see 815 belt.

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Mini ROVER small belt for alternator (from A/C compressor) - BELTAY160

BELTAY160- Mini ROVER small belt for alternator (from A/C compressor) 

This is the small belt that runs from the compressor up to the slternator on the airconditioned rover minis- These are hard to find and we have limited stock of 10! Original number: PITWORK AY160-VK23E 

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GXE2211- Mini Alternator 17ACR

Best value for money, these are brand new alternators that are ready for you to just 'bolt on', the front pulley is not the same offset as Minis' so you will have to change this over with yours. (if you dont have one contact us and we will sort you out.)- you can also just space the alternator forward (just make sure the belt is running true)

Easy adaption to fit all models 

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Mini super uprated alternator (70AMPS) - GXE2297/NAB300

GXE2297/NAB300- High output mini alternator (70amp)

High output, up rated to 70amp (from 45 and 55amp) alternator as used on late model single point fuel injected Minis. We guess it took that much juice to drive all those electronics, but now you can load as many extras on as you like.

$177.27 $168.18
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Mini 'Rover' 1996 onwards (multi-ribbed belt) 65A alternator - GNU2521

GNU2521- Mini 'Rover' 1996 onwards (multi-ribbed belt) 65A alternator

Mini 'Rover' 1996 onwards (multi-ribbed belt) alternator. Made ONLY for the twin point injection mini. 65AMP!

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Mini lightweight, high output alternator (with fitting kit/brackets) - GXE1003


This lightweight alternator is favoured by competition users and includes mounting brackets, tensioner, adjuster arm and aluminium pulley.

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Mini 17ACR alternator plug, turns your loose wires into a terminal block - GEU250

GEU250- Alternator plug (17ACR)

This is a quick and easy plug to convert your 'loose' wires to a nice and neat terminal block. This can also be used (if you know what you are doing) when changing from generator/earlier alternator to the later 17ACR.

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Lucas alternator ACR brush set - ULB110/ABR5406

ABR5406/ULB110- Lucas Alternator brush set (ACR)

Sometimes all your alternator will need is a set of brushes to get it up and going again! These brushes (as far as I know- I'm not an auto electrician) will do the 15ACR and 16ACR alternators. They are for 12v, depth is 4.6, width is 4.6, length is 12.7 and you get 2 brushes per set!

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Mini lower alternator adjusting bracket - 12G2627

12G2627- Mini alternator adjusting bracket

This is the adjusting bracket that is fitted to the bottom of the alternator on most cars (also fitted to the generator)

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Mini A series rear alternator support bracket - 12G1053

12G1053- Mini rear alternator support bracket

This is the rear alternator support bracket, it is very handy when converting from generator to alternator on a std aussie mini engine (preA+)

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Generator, NEW, (negative or positive earth) - LRD100

LRD100 'Original type generator'

Change the pulley and you are done, these are fantastic NEW and clean generators, can be be used on a negative or positive earth charging system.

$213.64 $177.27
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Mini generator voltage regluator/control box - GEU6603

GEU6603 Mini generator voltage regulator

Many charging system problems can be traced to a malfunctioning voltage regulator. And while the workshop manual gives a detailed procedure for checking and/or adjusting one, the only thing that has ever worked for me is to just replace it!
If you still have a dynamo/(generator) you've got to have a regulator that works.

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Alternator/dynamo reduced speed type (prevent overcharging on high RPM) - C-AEA535


This very trick pulley is machined from billet aluminum & black anodized. It is oversized (5") to reduce the speed of the generator or alternator on high rpm engines preventing over charging the system. Use this pulley with the original water pump pulley.

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Mini rover fan belt for cars with aircon 'Japan models' - GMB51005


For those lucky people who have factory fitted air con fitted on their twin point cars such as Japan models

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