Drum or disc brake master cylinder (plastic res)

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Drum or disc brake master cylinder plastic resiviour. 

The master cylinder is the heart of any hydraulic system, and the hardest to troubleshoot. A pedal that can be slowly pushed to the floor indicates the master cylinder is worn. Fluid dripping off either the brake or clutch pedal is a sure sign that the respective master cylinder is leaking. Only one (single line) brake master and one clutch master are currently available, but they will fit any year Mini. Brake and clutch masters look similar, both these later models have plastic reservoirs, and they are NOT interchangable because they're different internally.Ensure the correct DOT4 or DOT5 fluid is used. the original all metal master cylinder is available as GMC171ORIGINAL or GMC172 for larger capacity type for Cooper S. BRAKE MASTER HAS LARGE MOUNTING FOOT,CLUTCH MASTER HAS SMALLER MOUNTING FOOT.