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Mini 'center dash' illumination bayonet also used on moke dashes - ZH1101

ZH1101- illumination light bayonet used on mini's >70 and mokes

This is a bayonet globe holder that pushes into the back of your early mini speedo (also does mokes) This is made for the single wire setup.

($8.40 USD ) In stock

Smiths oil/temp/volt/amp gauge lamp holder (with globe) - ZA55+GLB558

ZA55- Smiths oil/temp/volt/amp gauge lamp holder (with globe)

This is the bulb holder for the 'light circuit' for smith gauges (includes globe)

($10.93 USD ) In stock

Mini Mk1 flashing indicator stalk globe - GLB280

GLB280- Mini Mk1 trafficator globe (green flashing light)

This is the globe that screws into the trafficator that has the green flashing light on the end.

($4.18 USD ) In stock

Mini stop/tail & morris front indicator/sidelight globe (sold per one) - GLB537 (380)

GLB537/380- 21/5W 12V- Mini Stop/Tail & morris front park/Indicator light globes (2 filaments)

This globe fits in 3 spots, First is the stop tail globes on all models, second is the park/indicator globes on morris models, third is reverse/indicator lights on leylands

($1.65 USD ) In stock

Mini rear morris indicator and front leyland indicator globe - GLB569 (382)

GLB569/382- 21W 12V- Mini indicator globe (1 Filament)

These globes fit in 2 spots first is the indicator globes on the rear of morris models, second is the front indicator on Leylands.

($1.65 USD ) In stock

Mini number plate globe and leyland front park globe - GLB989 (47989)

GLB989/47989- Mini Number plate light globe

This globe is for the number plate globe does all models, and also fits leyland front park lights 

($1.65 USD ) In stock

Mini dash globe, screw in, suits morris - GLB584 (47987)

GLB584/47987- Morris dash light globe (screw in type with a small head)

($1.65 USD ) In stock

Mini cooper s and mini k bayonet indicator globes - Globe- bayonet dash

Mini K and cooper s indicator bayonet globe

These globes go into the side indicators on the dash (on three pod gauge clusters)

($1.65 USD ) In stock

Mini clubman 'wedge' dash light globe (all types) - GLB558 (501)

GLB558 (501)- Mini clubman 'wedge' dash light globe (all types)

Push in globe for the back of the clubman dash. suits ALL clubman dashes (both 2 and 3 pod)

($1.48 USD ) In stock