Mini long neck radiator cap (original type) (1.00" depth)

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517-13 Mini long neck radiator cap

A radiator cap is so important to your cooling system, A propoer working radiator cap will hold 13 pounds of pressure before it allows the coolant to overflow. What this does is raise the boiling point of the water/coolant in your cooling system, so if it is faulty you can overheat your car/loose water and quite possibly do terminal damage to your motor. Dont risk it, Just replace it!   

This is the original type radiator cap fitted to almost ALL minis when they left the factory. If you are unsure compare your current one to either this one or the 508-13 as seen in our store.

The 508-13 is more commanly fitted to new 3/2/4 core radiators.

This cap has holds 13 pounds of pressure on your cooling system