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Gunsons colortune 14mm spark plug 'G4074' - MSA1002/G4074

MSA1002/G4074- Gunsons colortune 14mm spark plug

Ingenius kit which allows you to see the colour of the combustion in the cylinder head chamber by virtue of a glass topped spark plug.This takes the guess work out of mixture adjustment as different fuel/air mixtures burn with different colours. A full chart and instructions make this an easy to use kit.

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Gunsons carbalancer, for twin carbys - MSA1003


A must for any twin carby car!

Carbalancers are a fantastic tool to have either in the workshop or at home, these measure the airflow (with instructions) and tell you what your carbys are really doing.

They will fit a range of carbys such as: SU, Auto-lite (Formoco), solex, Stromberg, weber and Zenith, can be adjusted to fit most carbys including side draught and down draught with air intakes (venturi) from 25mm to 57mm (1” to 2”)

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Gunsons Ezibleed one man bleeder - MSA1000/G4062


Auto brake bleeder A spare tire provides all the power you'll need to bleed brakes as professional.

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Gunsons tappet adjuster (adjusts on a click) - MSA1001

Gunsons Clik-adjust

Micrometer tappet adjuster

Pt number: MSA1001

Click-adjust makes tappet adjustment easier and absolutely precise! Worn valve tips or rocker faces will affect traditional feeler gauge measurement, but only Click-adjust measures true clearance. By counting the number of clicks as you turn the wrench, you'll know when you've achieved the proper clearance.

No need to use a feeler gauge, suits all push rod and overhead valve engines with top adjustment.

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Gunsons compression gauge (fits mini) 14mm & 18mm thread cars 'G4101' - TOOL22

TOOL22/G4101- Gunsons compression gauge (fits mini) 14mm & 18mm thread cars

This is a 14mm (mini) compression gauge. It also has an adaptor to enable you to use in on 18mm thread cars.

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Gunsons thread adaptor 14mm to 12mm (for use on the Alloy cylinder head) 'G4055B' - TOOL23


This is a gunsons thread adaptor from 14mm to 12mm. This adaptor will enable you to use the Gunsons colourtune or compression gauge in 12mm spark plug holes. The later Alloy heads made for minis all have a 12mm spark plug hole.

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Gunsons thread adaptor 14mm long reach type (for use on non mini cars) 'G4055D' - TOOL24


This is a gunsons thread adaptor that will give you a bit more reach. This adaptor will enable you to use the Gunsons colourtune or compression gauge in other vehicles other than mini (NOT REQUIRED FOR MINIS).

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Mini clutch & brake master cylinder clevis pin holding tool - TOOL99

TOOL99- Mini clutch & brake master cylinder clevis pin holding tool

When installing the clevis pin into the master cylinders (due to the lack of room) it can be hard to hold the clevis pin while trying to line up the pedal hole and the master cylinder holes. This tool will stop you from loosing the clevis pin whilst keeping it firm until you have it installed and simply 'pull it away'.

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Mini Engine mount bolt holding tool - TOOL98

TOOL98- Mini engine mount bolt holding tool

This tool will help enable you to install the engine mount bolts, this is not a spanner and should NOT be used as one. This tool will assist you in getting the engine mount bolts into the holes. The tool will hold the engine mount bolt in place until you have the nut on and you can simply 'pull the tool away'. 

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Mini & Moke engine lifting hooks (2 required) - 12A1968GEN

12A1968GEN- Mini & Moke engine lifting hooks (2 required)

These hooks attach under the head stud/bolt to help assist in the removal of the engine. We also have the original engine lifting bracket too

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Mini & moke original engine lifting bracket - 12A1968+22A132

12A1968 - Mini & moke engine lifting bracket (original style)


This is an original type engine lifting bracket, the hook at the front is used when removing an engine out of a morris mini (or remote gearchange) the u bolt is used when removing the engine out of a Leyland (or rod change).


The Head studs/nuts are removed and the bracket is installed between the top of the head and the bolts (as per picture 2). This is not the junk ‘hook type’ brackets that are available. *washers must be removed under any head nuts*

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Mini SU main jet adjusting spanner - CA39

CA39- SU main jet adjusting spanner

This spanner is small enough to get to that SU main jet adjusting nut, fits both 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" SU's- This is a MUST for any tight main jet.

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Mini rodchange gearbox selector pin punch tool (removes the roll pin) - TOOL_17


Roll pin punch for removing RPS1416 roll pin from the gear selector mechanism

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Brake adjusting spanner (and bleed spanner) - BLM810

BLM810- Brake adjust spanner

Spanner used to adjust front and rear brake drums on mini's, these also have a section on the other side for a blled nipple screw but i dont think that these fit the now metric nipples.

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Mini brake adjusting spanner, (closed type) - 660510


One end is 5/16" closed end for the brake adjuster, the other is 1/4" box end to fit the bleed screws. The wrench has just the right offset and length to make the job easy!Se also BLM810 if you have adjusters on the front as it is easier to use

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