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CLASMINI005- CLASSIC MINI 20W-50 (Mineral) 5L

Classic Mini is a premium mineral, high zinc, SAE 20W-50 viscosity, API SJ/CE, GL-4 engine oil, designed in conjunction with International Mini Clubs and owners in the UK and Australia specifically for all classic Minis (Austin, BMC & Leyland). It has been designed to provide an excellent combination of engine protection and smooth gear shifts.

Classic Mini contains a high zinc anti-wear package for ultimate engine wear protection combined with premium quality base oils and additives that exceed original manufacturers specifications for these vehicles.


Classic Mini has been developed for use in classic Mini' from 1959 to 2000 where a combined engine and gearbox utilises the same oil. It can also be used in other vehicles from the period including Mini Moke & Austin Metro. Classic Mini can be used in derivatives such as -


  • Austin 850
  • Austin Partner
  • Austin Mini
  • Austin Seven
  • Innocenti Mini
  • Leyland Mini
  • Mini Wildgoose
  • Morris 850
  • Morris Mascot
  • Morris Mini
  • Riley Elf
  • Rover Mini
  • Wolseley 1000
  • Wolseley Hornet


Classic Mini is also suitable for other combined engine / gearbox vehicles manufactured by Austin, BMC & Leyland such as -Morris 1000S, 1300 Nomad, 1100, 1100S, 1500, 1500 Nomad, 850 VanAustin 1800 Mk 1 & MK 2, X6, Tasman / Kimberley.


Classic Mini has been specifically formulated to replace older style 20W-40, 20W-50 or where straight 30 grades were originally used and specified in these vehicles.