About Us

Minisport is one of Australia’s Premier Mini spares and repair Workshop; Minisport is a importer for many major English companies: The likes of: Minispares Centre UK & many more. We also have ties with smaller U.K. companies and this is growing rapidly!

Tony Cullen (Owner) has 50 years experience in the Mini game, Tony started out working in his shed at home in the 60’s, to race/rally in the late 60’s-70’s, to now working full time with his passion (Minis). Starting up in Blackwood, Minisport soon found itself looking to expand so we moved to a main road frontage and a bigger location at Clovelly park (near the Mitsubishi Factory). Here the success was phenomenal, with large growth in both spare parts sales and workshop. In 2017 we then moved to a larger warehouse in St Mary's SA, this move has enable us to have a fantastic showroom and expand our parts range!

After entering the internet we have again seen much success in spare parts which has allowed us to purchase goods in bulk (hence getting cheaper prices for us and you). Minisport is committed to getting you the best value for money, so if you find a product that you think is cheaper than ours please let us know, price differences can occur when cheaper inferior products are released on the market so please always compare apples with apples, If still we are dearer we will do our best to match any written quote!

Minisport is the front runner in the online mini phenomena and was one of the first to setup webpage based purchasing for your mini parts in Australia.

You can buy with confidence in our online store knowing that your transaction is done on a secure site web-server, your personal information is not distributed to anyone and even your transaction details print-out pages are shredded after the sale has gone through (we even shred any phone order details). All this ensures you, your credit card and us are protected the best possible way!