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Mini battery charger, trickle charger, battery reconditioner 7AMP - CTEK_XS7000

CTEK_XS7000- Mini 7 AMP battery charger, trickle charger.

This is a 7 AMP battery charger, Fully Automatic, no risk for the car's electrical circuits, can be connected constantly, reconditioning restores severely discharged battery, spark-free, rain and splash proof, temperature protection, polarity protection, can be used outdoors, can be used as a power suply- Connect and forget! USE M10 clip to make your life easier.

($172.89 USD ) In stock

Mini battery charger connector. - CTIND382

CTIND382- Comfort connector

This plug goes onto your battery, allowing you to easily and saflely connect and disconnect your battery from C-TEK XS7000 charger 

($26.06 USD ) In stock