Evans high performance waterless coolant

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A waterless engine coolant specially formulated for classic, vintage and high performance vehicles. Evans High Performance Coolant protects engine cooling systems from -40ºC to 190ºC. The unique properties prevent many of the problems associated with waterbased coolants such as Corrosion and Overheating (Which all mini owners know is a problem with our cars).

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No Water - No Overheating
Evans High Performance Coolanthas a boiling point of 190°C and will not boilover.

No Water - No Corrosion

Water contains oxygen, oxygen allows corrosion. Evans High Performance Coolant eliminates corrosion.

No Water - No Pressure

Evans High Performance Coolant allows your cooling system to run at a lower pressure, reducing the strain on engine components.

No Water - No Liner Pitting

Evans High Performance Coolant generates significantly less pitting when compared with all water based coolants.

No Water - More BHP

Evans High Performance Coolant eliminates premature detonation associated with overheating


The Science
Traditional water based coolants regularly cross the thermal boundary that separates efficient Nucleate Boiling (A) from inefficient Critical Heat Flux (CHF). Critical Heat Flux (CHF) is synonymous with the condition ‘Departure from Nucleate Boiling’ (DNB). When DNB occurs a layer of steam bubbles form adjacent to the engine hot-spots (B). Steam dissipates less than 1/30th of the heat that water does, rapidly over-heating local metal, causing premature detonation.

4 Life
Evans Waterless Coolants never need changing. Once in the cooling system Evans will protect for the life of the engine.

Evans Waterless Coolants will not freeze even at temperatures as low as -40°C. Additional anti-freeze is not necessary.

Evans Waterless Coolants contain our patented DeTox™ formulation and has been classified as Non-Toxic by an EPA certified laboratory. However as with all chemicals, do not consume. Keep away from children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Rinse hands and eyes with water after incidental contact.