KAD A-Series 16v Cylinder Head Kit - Road 150

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KAD A-Series 16v Cylinder Head Kit - Road 150

Uses 30x26mm 9/32" stem stainless steel valves and modified for ultimate road performance and durability.
Cylinder heads come ready assembled with camshafts fitted and shimmed.

Latest design billet camshafts specifically designed for road use. Very mild profile with lots of low down drivabilty and pulling power. Bring your road going A-Series into the 21st century!

Cylinder head kit contains –

• Cylinder Head fitted with bronze valve guides and hardened valve seats
• Stainless Steel Valves
• Double valve springs
• Alloy valve spring top caps
• Steel tappets
• Camshafts
• Vernier adjustable cam timing pulleys
• Head bolt set
• Cam belt kit and mounting plates
• All associated nuts, bolts and hardware

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