KAD Adjustable Bias Pedal Box Complete Set

($502.87 )

1012280- KAD Adjustable Bias Pedal Box Complete Set

KAD’s adjustable bias pedal box allows accurate tuning of the front to rear brake bias. The horizontally mounted steel fabricated pedal box bolts to the existing brake master cylinder mounting studs and faces forward into engine bay. Primary bias adjustment is made by the choice of front and rear master cylinder bores and then fine tuning can be achieved by altering the pivot point of the balance bar assembly.

This set is supplied complete with our reccomended 3/4" Rear and 5/8" Front Master Cylinders and In-Car Cable operated adjuster. This mounts the cable inside the car so the driver and simply twist the lever until desired brake bias is set. These master cylinder bore sizes will suit cars with a standard brake system and standard weight distributions. Please ask for our advice for any non standard variations in foundation braking system and weight distribution.

This part is currently homologated for FIA Historic use due to its provision of a dual circuit