KAD Front Anti Roll Bar - Poly Block Type

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1013209- KAD Front Anti Roll Bar-Poly Block Type

KAD Front Anti Roll Bar is an ideal addition to any Mini.

The Mini with a high roll centre benefits from the fitment of anti roll bars to control unwanted body roll. Anti Roll Bars helps to prevent this body roll without having to fit or adjust shock absorbers to full stiffness, which in a road car means you can gain performance while keeping comfort.

KAD’s anti roll bars fit without protruding beneath the car and are supplied in 5/8” bar diameters with all of the necessary fitting hardware. The bars themselves are Zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

The bar in this kit is bolted to the front subframe using poly blocks.  Drop links are then used to connect the roll bar to the top arm. Drop links are adjustable so you can set the bar to zero pre-load.

All fittings that you will require are included in the kit