KAD Mini 6 Pot Alloy Brake Calipers - Type A - 8.4”

($992.02 )

1012100- KAD Mini 6 Pot Alloy Brake Calipers - Type A - 8.4”

KAD Type A 6 Pot Calipers for 7.9” or 8.4” discs are a no compromise front brake setup for the Classic Mini still using conventional disc arrangement. The 6 pot calipers combine super stiff yet light weight caliper bodies along with big pad areas for consistent, controllable and powerful brake performance.

Special features include differentially sized stainless steel pistons to minimise pad taper wear.

The 6 pots are a competition orientated brake upgrade as the calipers are not fitted with dust seals. They are not recommended for the road unless constant maintenance is taken place.

The calipers are CNC machined from HE15 (2014) extruded billets, which provides high caliper body stiffness with light weight. Stainless steel piston are fitted, fluid feed from a single 3/8UNF fluid port (same as standard Mini), Stainless steel bolts, bleed screws and split pins are used throughout.