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12G2140- Mini 23D distributor (early type)- Non vac 'S' type

Cooper"S" 23D distributor, no vac unit-This is NOT THE ORIGINAL LUCAS ITEM as the original company and tooling no longer exist but is a new copy of the 40819. It does have an original type baseplate with a post but NOT the 32ounce contact set as per the original 40819 distributor, but as many people may make the improvement to contactless ignition this is the perfect looking copy.See 12G2140MS for Negative earth only electronic type.

This unit is fitted with quickfit points the post may need slightly reducing in size to accept the 2 piece 32 ounce points

All fitted with the better Red rotor arm upgrade.

The original type base plate with pin 7H6949 is also available but expensive. Fitted all Cooper S models but some MK3 "S" were fitted with 41372 or 41033-23D type--(Note:25d type distributors have a Vac unit.)-This distributor has more advance curve similar to the 41033 (Mk3 "S") which was better for acceleration and economy.See graph on web site from Peter Baldwins rolling road. The 41033 or 41732 Cooper S mk3 distributor was replaced with a 45D type BAU1850 by Rover less a vac unit which fitted Canadian 998cc minis and Marina 1.3 HC engines, but it was never a true replacement part for the Cooper S Mk3. This is why 12G2140 MK1/2 "s"distributors found their way on these cars.

Also fitted to in line engine 1275 Sprite and Midget the 40819 is 7 degrees btdc static and 22 degrees @1200rpm dynamic timing--centrifugal advance in degrees @rpm was 0-3 @600/--6-12@1000/-- 11-15@2,000/--22-26@5,200/