Mini 7.5 alloy black 4 pot brake calipers, fit under 10" wheels *SALE*

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Pair of 4-pot alloy calipers for 7.5" diameter brake discs with 10" wheels. Kit includes pad retaining pins, but not brake pads

Note: uses Metro pads which have to be modified by cutting/filing off a small corner part of the metal on two pads. This does not impair the quality of this fitment.
The advantage of alloy calipers is that they dissipate heat quicker, reducing fluid boiling. The design also helps to expel pad dust and heat from the contact area. The 4 pot design provides a much more uniform pressure and far superior braking by virtue of 2 pistons each pushing against the pad,increasing pad contact and brake efficiency. IF FITTING TO HYDRO CARS BEWARE OF CLEARANCE PROBLEMS IF ADJ TIE BARS AND NEG CAMBER ARMS ARE FITTED ALTHOUGH NOT ADVISED, For vented discs you will have to machine down the 8.4 disc but this will cut most of the vented part away and may not neccessarily improve the breaking efficiency much more, using vented discs will require drive flanges NAM6450F and a spacer kit C-AJJ4021 for increasing width of calipers calipers will be available in gold/purple/blue Nov2004 Please ensure all the old brake fluid is removed from the system before fitting the new calipers as this prevents any bits in the old contaminated brake fluid from becoming lodged under the bleed nipples which could cause obvious problems.