Mini 8.4 alloy black 4 pot brake calipers, for use on 8.4" SOLID disc only.

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C-AJJ4022- Mini 8.4 alloy black 4 pot brake calipers, for use on 8.4" SOLID disc only *SALE*

Pair of 4-pot alloy calipers for 8.4" diameter brake discs with 12" (or bigger) wheels. Kit includes pad retaining clips and pins, but not brake pads. The advantage of alloy calipers is that they dissipate heat quicker, reducing fluid boiling. The design also helps to expel pad dust and heat from the contact area. The 4 pot design provide a much more uniform pressure and far superior braking.Now fitted with s/steel pistons which although heavier,improve performance by reducing heat transfer to fluid.Also give greater life expectancy against corrosion on road cars. Another Quality feature of the Calipers is that they are fitted with 2 larger bleed screws for ease of bleeding when servicing, we have noted other competitor calipers which only have the one small bleed screw become corroded, siezed and break off causing much inconvenience. After fitting is complete you will note that the brake pads overhang the disc by approx 8mm, Minispares made the decision to use the 8.4" disc which saves money and improves braking instead of machining the disc to a smaller less efficient diameter and increasing customer costs further. When fitting vented discs the metro drive flanges NAM6450F MUST BE USED Please ensure all the old brake fluid is removed from the system before fitting the new calipers as this prevents any bits in the old contaminated brake fluid from becoming lodged under the bleed nipples which could cause obvious problems. If ordering for vented disc's a spacer kit C-AJJ4021 must be used.