Mini 84mm, strocker crank, cross drilled, Nitrided, S big end journal

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Nitrided, 84mm stroke, cross drilled 1.625" "S" big end journal; for 1300 block.

Forged EN40B steel nitrided cranks are considered the ultimate in specification, even over the "billet" type. This is mainly because the grain pattern of a forging follows the shape of the webs and bearings whereas the billet type is machined across the grain. We stock all the forged types as well as re-stroked standard material cranks and new cranks. All are cross-drilled, except C-AEG601/2, and heat treated for maximum durability. All are machined to fit 1275/1300 non-S center main except C-AEG479 which is "S".

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