Mini 850/Cooper full rubber kit

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KIT05- Mini 850 Rubber kit

This is almost ALL rubbers you should require for your 850/cooper project.

You get:

  • 2x 850 door rubbers
  • 2x 850 rear flipper window rubbers
  • 2x Lower 850 window chanels
  • 2x Upper 850 window tracks
  • 1x L/H seal for between the windows
  • 1x R/H seal for between the windows
  • 1x Front windscreen rubber
  • 1x Rear windscreen rubber (will need to be cut)
  • 2x Window locking strips
  • 2x Number plate flap rubbers
  • 2x Bonnet buffer rubbers
  • 2x Headlamp seals
  • 2x Door handle Gaskets
  • 1x Boot Handle Gasket
  • 1x Boot lid seal
  • 1x Fuel tank seal