MINI BLACK WORKS TYPE LAMP BAR to 96 (Grille needs modifying)

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MSA1101- MINI BLACK WORKS TYPE LAMP BAR to 96 (Grille needs modifying)

This is a black painted lighter version with fittings of our s/steel works bar 

These cannot be fitted with front overiders and the bottom moulding of the grille slat and back panel will need relieving upwards about 25mm and the width of the 2 outer brackets for fitment. Although the grille has to be modified the bar is now a straight bolt on part with our new 2014 re-design to fit current genuine and non genuine front panels. The centre bracket bolts to the middle bumper hole. They might entail some cutting of early original front panels and MK1 grille as per original works cars so please do not think this is a bolt on item.

Remove grille and bumper(then discard overiders if fitted).

Loosely fit centre bracket and lamp bar to middle bumper hole with lamp bar attached. Loosely fit outer brackets to lamp bar and line them up to front panel in the required position before drilling front panel. 

The grille then needs cutting away at the bottom to slide down over the 2 outer brackets. On MK2/3 grilles the bottom finisher needs cutting away the width of the outer bar brackets and then upwards,usually to the first slat on 11 wide slat grille or about 25mm. Try not to cut all the way through the grille back panel as it supports the slats. The grille then slides down over the two outer brackets and the grille modifications are rarely noticed.

It is worth the effort if you want a rigid lamp bar that holds the beams of light true rather than vibrate like others on the market which cause light deflection SEE also C-AJJ3329 for stainless steel.