Mini Genuine rubber suspension cone (single)

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Genuine new cone made by Valley rubber (old Dunlop tooling)-beware of dangerous copies and old stock being offered on ebay and websites. Genuine cones have the patent number 763432, Anything without patent number is not genuine. 

One of the greatest innovation in the design of the Mini was it rubber cone suspension. The compact design & lasting quality of the rubber cone helped make the Mini what it is today. Designed in the late '50s it was ahead of it's time- The only problem is that some may still driving around on cones that could have been built in the early '60's with a UNF thread.They are now only Metric thread The design is good- not ever lasting! The rubber not only gets very hard but it also sags and losses it's ability to hold the car upright! It is not uncommon to have a cone sag so bad that it lowers the car 2 or 3 inches and it handles terrrible! These might need replacing every 5-7 years depending on use and climate, but usually good for at least 20,000 daily use miles in the UK. . Measured at the wheel, the spring rates at the static load position are 118 lb/in at the front and 98 lb/in at the rear. With three passengers and 50 lb of luggage, the loads per wheel at the same position are respectively 468 lb and 355 lb. These loads rise to 1,050 lb and 670 lb at full bump and fall to 240 lb and 100 lb when the rebound check is in operation. you will require a tool to replace this item which is Tool07 for metric thread only or dual threaded tool is 660330. Beware of inferior copies made in India which have a test certificate for the correct spring rate but are the wrong rubber mix and compound which will cause them to sag very quickly