Mini Miglia type mini arch and fitting kit (5" wide) RACE USE

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MIGLIA- Miglia type mini Arches for Classic Mini (5" wide) with fitting kit and rubber

Miglia type arches (set of 4) are a race arch. Width 5". Arch measurement is taken from the front arch at top of wheel where arch is protruding.

**NOTE** Miglia type Arches were designed for race cars, so, with this in mind, they are very adaptable, i.e. they can be customised (i.e. made narrower) to suit your wheels. They will need trimming as every car/race car is different, so fitting them is up to you. Fitted correctly ,they look amazing. They fit with brackets (not supplied). The front ones curl round the front. As shown, the finish is black gelcoat and is suitable for spraying so they may have marks, ours also still have the return on the back of the arch as shown in the picture, these are usually used on the conversion minis i.e. bike engine etc.