Mini & moke Lightened cam followers set of 8, suit ALL engine sizes 40 grams each

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Set of 8, It is critical to the life and performance of the camshaft to use high quality lifters. Remember, lifters operate in a finite hole and thus the dimensional tolerances are important. The race engine builder will always take the time to hone out the lifter bore to insure maximum performance. In addition to the concentricity of the bore it is important to have the correct conical shape on bottom of the lifter (this promotes proper rotation of the lifter in the bore). And the final characteristic, weight, is often over-looked. A factory stock lifter weighs about 44.00 grams, our high performance lifter weighs only 40.00. In addition, these lifters have an oil drain hole, thus preventing a few grams of oil from collecting. This weight saving tanslates into better control, higher potential RPM, longer life, etc. See C-AEG580 FOR ULTIMATE IN CAM FOLLOWERS