Mini oil pressure aduster, with chrome knob

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This kit includes a new oil galery plug with an adjustable knob and a washer which is used as a spring seat in the plug against the relief spring. This makes a playform for the adjuster bolt to adjust the engine oil pressure. Winding the knob in increases pressure, winding it out reduces the pressure.

The standard spring 6K853 is easier to use as its compressed length is shorter and softer for fitment. If you have to much oil pressure, or difficulty in fitting, one coil of the spring ca be cut off at a time. Remember that excessive oil pressure can raise oil temperature and absorbs valuable horsepower.

This kit can only adjust the total amount of oil pressure. That figure should be 50-60 psi at anything over 3000 RPM, any more pressure than that is just heating up the oil and wasting power. You cannot affect the idle speed oil pressure with this kit; whatever pressure you have at idle is governed by internal engine clearances, oil temperature, grade and quality.