Mini quaife ATB LSD with output shafts (pot) - use your own CW&P

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A.T.B. -Automatic Torque Biasing- differential is designed for Minis that tear up the rubber on both the road and track.

The equal distribution of torque to each wheel means there is none of the arm-wrenching torque-steer you get with Salisbury-type plate L.S.D.s in Minis - that's why so many rally Minis now use the ATB diff.

Not only does the ATB represent the very latest gear technology from Quaife but will save the Mini driver money compared with fitting a Salisbury-type diff as it fits directly into a standard transmission without the need for a new crown wheel and pinion or matching output shafts. The saving is almost $1500
Major car makers like Ford have used ATB diffs for performance models with great success and Quaife is so confident about the quality of its ATB the unit comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The ATB diff for Minis is available exclusively in Australia from Minisport Australia

Building a track day or hill climb Mini? Then fit an ATB diff! MADE FOR RACING

*Lifetime guarantee* (now you can’t beat that)



  • Use your own crown wheel and pinion
  • Output shafts already included (pot types)
  • Use pot joint inner C.V’s
  • No unnecessary MAJOR housing modifications
  • Equal distributation to each wheel
  • Stronger than any cross pin or competition diff center
  • Affordable