Mini Suspension upgrade kit, Convert your Hydro to Rubber (full kit)- with oil shocks

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Mini Suspension package (convert your hydro car to dry)

This package has everything you need to convert your old unreliable hyrolastic suspension setup to the more reliable later rubber suspension setup.

What you get:

  • Set of 4 KYB oil shocks (front and back)
  • Set of 4 Hi-los (front and back)
  • Set of 4 Ball and cups
  • 2 rear stub axles with the 3/8 pins (to fit the shockers)
  • 2 front shocker pins for the top arm (arm will have to be drilled out to 3/8)
  • 2 front shocker bracket that bolt onto your body (every car has the shocker support holes)
  • Full set of fitting bolts/nuts and washers