Mini VAN full rubber kit

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Mini Van complete rubber kit

This is almost everything you should need to restore a mini van, we have left the side windows (rear) out as they are not on all models, they are available in our store

What you get in this kit:

  • 2 Door Rubbers
  • 2 Outer door glass rubbers
  • 2 Inner door glass felts
  • 2 Short bailey channels
  • 2 Long bailey channels
  • 1 Front windscreen rubber
  • 1 Front windscreen locking strip
  • 2 Bonnet buffers (Morris type)
  • 2 quarter window vertical rubbers (Left and Right)
  • 2 quarter window V sections (Left and Right)
  • 2 Van rear door glass rubbers
  • 2 Van rear door surround rubbers (Left and Right)