Pair of front Alloy (7075 aircraft grade) drive hubs *KIT* *superlight weight*

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FAM2390A- Pair of front Alloy drive hubs *superlight weight*

Specially designed and developed to be as strong and as light as possible by our State of the Art Engineering Department on the latest CAD-CAM computers. Created for Race, Hill Climb and Sprint Cars where absolutely every gram of weight which can be lost, is of the up most importance and top priority. Machined by the latest design CNC machines from 7075 aircraft grade high specification aluminium billet, then hard anodised. These specially designed swivel hubs are not only strong and durable but over 1kg lighter than the standard cast swivel hub!

Designed for strength, these swivel hubs use a modified 3 bolt steering arm and uprated heavy duty sealed ball joints, again for extra strength and rigidity.

Weight of standard cast swivel hub - 1.73kg each

Weight of Alloy swivel hub - 0.71kg each

Alloy Swivel Hub Kit Includes:

LH Lightweight alloy swivel hub
RH Lightweight alloy swivel hub
LH Cooper S modified 3 bolt steering arm
RH Cooper S modified 3 bolt steering arm
Locating dowels
Set of 4 sealed heavy duty balljoints
Set of bolts, washers and nuts