Super charger kit to fit SC12 super charger (see item description)

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AFF01- SC12 Kits- DOES NOT include SC12 supercharger or HIF style SU


This is a super charger installing kit to fit the Toyota MR2 (SC12) super charger onto a mini. You will need to source a super charger and a HIF carby.


Kit includes:
Cylinder head to SC manifold incorporates a Backfire valve
SC to SU manifold
Engine steady for radiator side
Crankshaft pulley
Tensioning pulley
SC belt
SC manifold gaskets
Mounting bolts

Supercharger Clutch wiring kit
Fitting instructions
The SC has to modified slighty to allow it to fit a guide on how to do this is also included

If fitting to a clubman or Mk 2 round nose with a round windscreen wiper motor the motor has to be moved slighty to allow for SC pulley to fit just a matter of redrilling the wiper motor mounting holes. Some cars have a crankcase breather on the tappet cover on the back of the engine and on the timing chain cover and these will fowl on the SC kit and have to be relocated.
Also will not fit on a car with hydro suspension unless the hydro pipes are moved on the radiator side